Glass Writing Boards

November 1st, 2014



We can supply glass writing boards to any size, any colour, magnetic, with fixings or without.  The options are endless.


Glass wipe boards are stylish and more contemporary than standard wipe boards they do not discolour or crack with constant use. They are also more hygienic and easier to clean.  No special pens are required just standard dry wipe pens are suitable.


We have standard stock sizes, should you be interested, these are 6mm thick Back painted white with polished edges and no holes.


The sizes we have are

1970 x 1000

1955 x 1000

1950 x 1000

1525 x 1000

1500 x 1000

1470 x 1000

1465 x 1000

1460 x 1000

1380 x 1000

1300 x1000

1270 x 1000

1265 x 1000

1090 x1000

1440 x 500



Prices on application.